The project “Every Story (teller) Matters—Human Libraries and Mutual Recognition” was launched in Copenhagen, Denmark, on November 8th, 2023.

The mission of this project is to empower young migrants, foster intercultural understanding, and enhance the capacities of youth workers and educators for inclusive communities.

Six partners will implement the project simultaneously across six countries. This ambitious project is a testament to our commitment to an inclusive world.

1.   Early Care International, Denmark
2.     Associação Par – Respostas Sociais, Portugal
3.     Ofensiva Tinerilor Asociatia, Romania
4.     Neotalentway S.L., Spain
5.     Center for Education and Innovation, Greece
6.     Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Mersin Valiliği, Turkey

It was a productive kick-off meeting, during which responsibilities were clarified, and a timeline for the deliveries was set. The partners concluded the day feeling excited to embark on this important project, firmly believing it can contribute to building a more inclusive, empathetic, and unified society.